Sly Deal Monopoly Deal Card: Frequently Asked Questions

In this guide, we’re focusing on the Sly Deal card from Monopoly Deal.

We’ll tackle common questions and offer simple strategies to get the most out of this powerful action card.

What is the Sly Deal Card?

The Sly Deal Card lets its user “steal” a property card directly from another player. It’s a straightforward yet crafty move that can instantly change property ownership.

The Sly Deal Card cannot be used to grab a property from a complete set.

The "Sly Deal" card being actively played in a game of Monopoly Deal

It’s an invaluable tool for players eyeing a specific property or looking to hinder an opponent’s progress.

How does the Sly Deal differ from the Forced Deal card?

While both the Sly Deal and Forced Deal cards revolve around altering property ownership, they function quite differently.

The Sly Deal card allows a player to directly “steal” or take a property card from another player.

In contrast, the Forced Deal card permits players to swap a property card they own with one owned by another player.

Essentially, Sly Deal is a direct take, while Forced Deal is a mutual exchange.

Can I use the Sly Deal card to take a property that’s part of a full set?

No, the Sly Deal card cannot be employed to snatch a property from a complete set. Players need to be attentive and ensure the property they aim to take with this card isn’t already part of a finished set.

Is there any way to refuse or block a Sly Deal action?

Indeed! Players can counteract a Sly Deal with a “Just Say No!” card.

This nifty card grants players the ability to refuse any action card played against them, Sly Deal included.

Having one in your hand can be a lifeline, especially when you suspect a rival might covet your properties.

Does the Sly Deal card work on wildcards or special properties?

Yes, the Sly Deal card can be employed to take any property card, including wildcards. Keep in mind the golden rule: it can’t be used if the card is part of a complete set.

How many Sly Deal cards can I play in one turn?

If fortunate enough to have multiple Sly Deal cards in hand, a player can play more than one during their turn, each targeting a separate property.

There are three Sly Deal cards in a game of Monopoly Deal, which means a player could theoretically play a Sly Deal card on each of their three moves during a single turn, if they have all three cards in their hand.

Strategic Tips for Using the Sly Deal Card

A player about to play the "Sly Deal" card in a game of Monopoly Deal

The Sly Deal Card, if played tactically, can be a true game-changer. Here are a few strategic considerations when deploying this card:

  1. Eye on the Prize:
    Before playing the Sly Deal Card, have a clear idea of which property you want to obtain. Perhaps it’s a property that gets you closer to completing a set, or maybe it’s about breaking an opponent’s potential set.
  2. Anticipation is Key:
    If you’re aware of an opponent holding a “Just Say No!” card, you might want to hold off on using your Sly Deal, or perhaps use it as a decoy to force them to play their block.
  3. Combine with Rent Cards:
    Acquiring a property via Sly Deal and then promptly charging other players rent (if you have the corresponding rent card) can be a powerful one-two punch in a single turn.
  4. Late-Game Moves:
    In the latter stages of the game, when properties are fewer and players are closer to victory, the Sly Deal Card can be particularly impactful. Snatching a critical property can drastically alter the endgame.
  5. Defence as Offense:
    Sometimes, using Sly Deal isn’t just about obtaining a valuable card for yourself but preventing another player from completing a powerful set. Even if the property isn’t beneficial to you immediately, disrupting an opponent’s strategy can be worth it.
  6. Beware of Retaliation:
    When you use Sly Deal against an opponent, be prepared for potential retaliation in subsequent turns. Having defensive cards or a strategy to counteract their moves can be beneficial.

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