Guess The Film title

Genre/Year: Drama/Sport, (2011)
Clue: MMA fighting is the sport in focus.
Lives: 7/7
Score: 0
High Score: 0

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About the game

Welcome to the Who That Film, the ultimate film guessing game!

This fun and addictive game will test your knowledge of popular films from a wide range of genres. Each round presents you with a film title that you must guess by filling in the blanks with the correct letters.

With every incorrect guess, a life is lost. Lose all your lives, and the game is over.

But guess the film title correctly and you will be given a bonus life!

This game is perfect for film lovers of all ages, from casual moviegoers to die-hard cinephiles. You’ll have the opportunity to guess titles from classic and modern films alike, from the most popular to the most obscure. With a vast array of film titles to choose from, every game is a new challenge.

But this game is more than just a fun way to pass the time. It’s also a great way to improve your spelling, increase your vocabulary, and boost your memory.

Plus, with a score system that encourages repeat play, you’ll find yourself wanting to come back again and again to beat your high score and climb the leaderboard.

So whether you’re a film buff looking to test your knowledge or just someone looking for a fun and engaging game, this movie guessing game is the perfect choice for you.

Give it a try and see how many film titles you can guess!

How to play

  • Try to guess as many film titles as you can before you run out out lives
  • Be careful not to select an incorrect letter, or you will lose a life!
  • After you guess the current film title, a new one will be displayed
  • You’ll be awarded a bonus life for each film title you guess correctly
  • You start the game with 7 lives

New high score!

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