16 Games Similar to Phase 10

For those of you who’ve enjoyed many a game of Phase 10, there may come a point when a change of pace is in order.

Eager for a game with the spirit of Phase 10 but with a fresh twist? You’re in the right place. We’ve trawled the gaming realm to bring you 16 alternatives to Phase 10 that might just pique your interest.


Number of Players: 2-7


Gameplay Overview:
Bohnanza is a unique card game where players trade and plant beans. However, there’s a twist: you can’t rearrange the cards in your hand!

Players need to plant beans in their fields, aiming to collect sets of the same bean type. When a field is harvested, it earns gold depending on the number of beans it contains.

But be mindful, space is limited, and sometimes tough decisions need to be made about which beans to plant and when to sell.

Engaging in strategic trades with your opponents is essential for success.

Why You Might Enjoy Bohnanza:
If you relish in strategic decision-making and enjoy the challenge of managing a limited hand, Bohnanza is right up your alley. The emphasis on negotiation and trading, combined with the unique hand management mechanic, ensures every game feels distinct and engaging.

Five Crowns

Number of Players: 1-7

5 Crowns card game

Gameplay Overview:
Five Crowns offers a delightful twist on classic rummy. The game consists of 11 rounds, and in each round, players deal and play with a different number of cards, starting with three cards in the first round and going up to 13 in the last.

To keep things intriguing, there are five suits instead of the usual four, and the game introduces stars as the fifth suit.

Players aim to combine their cards into sets and runs, trying to have the least number of points by the end of the 11 rounds.

Why You Might Enjoy Five Crowns:
For those who have a fondness for card games that involve forming sets and runs, like rummy or Phase 10, Five Crowns is a fresh take on a familiar formula. The changing number of cards each round, coupled with the additional suit, offers a refreshing challenge for card game enthusiasts.


Number of Players: 2-5

Guillotine card game

Gameplay Overview:
Set during the French Revolution, Guillotine is a darkly humorous card game where players take on the roles of rival executioners. The aim? To behead the most valuable nobles.

Each round features a line-up of nobles awaiting their grim fate, with each noble card carrying a different point value. Players can employ action cards to rearrange the order of the line, ensuring they get the most points from the nobles they “collect”.

But, as history has taught us, the tides of revolution can be unpredictable, and so can this game.

Why You Might Enjoy Guillotine:
If you appreciate card games with a dash of strategy and a generous serving of dark humour, Guillotine is a standout choice. The mix of tactical card play, combined with the ever-changing line-up of nobles, makes for an engaging and often hilarious gaming experience.

King of Tokyo

Number of Players: 2-6

King of Tokyo

Gameplay Overview:
In King of Tokyo, players step into the shoes of gigantic monsters, robots, and other terrifying creatures, all vying for control of Tokyo.

Gameplay revolves around dice-rolling, where each roll can yield energy, health, victory points, or allow for attacks on fellow monsters. While being in Tokyo can earn a player more victory points, it also makes them the primary target for attacks.

It’s a delicate balance between aggression and self-preservation.

Why You Might Enjoy King of Tokyo:
For those who fancy a game of dice, luck, and strategy, with a touch of monster mayhem, King of Tokyo offers a thrilling ride. It’s fast-paced, easy to learn, and each game is filled with dramatic turns of fate as players battle for supremacy.

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Number of Players: 2-5


Gameplay Overview:
Linko is a card game where players aim to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible.

The key to the game lies in claiming card rows by outbidding opponents with higher valued cards or longer runs. But, there’s a catch: if your bid is beaten, those cards are returned to your hand, making your path to victory a bit more challenging.

As the game progresses, the stakes become higher, and players must continually decide when to bid aggressively or when to hold back.

Why You Might Enjoy Linko:
If you appreciate card games that mix strategy with a bit of risk-taking, Linko could be your next favourite. The ever-present dilemma of when to play it safe or go all in creates tension-filled moments that card game aficionados will undoubtedly relish.

Love Letter

Number of Players: 2-4

Love Letter game

Gameplay Overview:
Love Letter is an elegantly simple game of deduction and risk. Players aim to deliver their love letter to the princess while keeping other suitors’ letters away.

Each player starts with just one card, and on their turn, they draw one and play one, trying to expose others and knock them out of the round.

Each card has a unique role, from the protective handmaid to the guessing guard. The player with the highest value card at the end, or the last suitor standing, wins the round.

Why You Might Enjoy Love Letter:
For a card game that’s quick to play, easy to learn, yet full of strategy and intrigue, Love Letter is a top pick. Its blend of deduction, bluffing, and quick decision-making ensures that no two rounds are ever the same.

No Thanks!

Number of Players: 3-7

Gameplay Overview:
“No Thanks!” is a game of strategic bidding and clever card play. Cards, numbered from 3 to 35, are in play, with nine cards removed at random at the start. Each turn, a card is revealed, and players decide whether to take the card or pass by placing a chip on it.

The catch? Players want to collect the lowest points, and while lower cards are obviously ideal, even higher cards can be valuable if they form a sequence with other cards you have.

Chips used to pass also deduct from your score, so choosing when to pass and when to collect is crucial.

Why You Might Enjoy No Thanks!:
If you’re a fan of games that require tactical decision-making and can turn on a sixpence, “No Thanks!” is sure to entertain. It’s all about assessing risks, gauging opponents’ intentions, and making the best out of the hand you’re dealt.


Number of Players: 3-8

Pit card game

Gameplay Overview:
Dive into the fast-paced world of commodities trading with Pit.

The objective is straightforward: players aim to complete a full set of one commodity by trading cards with others.

But here’s the twist: all trading happens simultaneously, and it’s all done verbally and without revealing the cards.

This results in a raucous, loud, and frantic atmosphere as players shout their trade offers and quickly swap cards trying to corner the market on a particular commodity.

Why You Might Enjoy Pit:
For those who love high-energy games filled with laughter, chaos, and a touch of strategy, Pit is a perfect choice. It’s a game that truly comes to life with more players and ensures a lively, spirited gaming session.


Number of Players: 2-4


Gameplay Overview:
Red7 is a game that’s all about staying in the lead. Players have a hand of seven cards, each with a colour and a number. On your turn, you must play a card either to your personal tableau or to the central rule card area (or both) in a way that ensures you’re winning based on the current rule.

If you’re not winning by the end of your turn, you’re out of the round!

Rules can be as simple as having the highest card but can change rapidly as players adjust the game’s criteria for winning.

Why You Might Enjoy Red7:
If you’re keen on quick card games that demand you think on your feet, Red7 will hit the mark. The ever-changing rules mean that players must be adaptable and think several steps ahead, ensuring each round is a fresh and intriguing challenge.

San Juan

Number of Players: 2-4

San Juan card game

Gameplay Overview:
San Juan is the card game adaptation of the popular board game Puerto Rico. Set in the Caribbean during the colonial period, players aim to construct a variety of buildings, each with its own benefits and points value.

Throughout the game, players choose roles that allow specific actions, such as building, trading, or producing goods.

However, the chosen role grants a special privilege to the player who selected it, but also benefits the other players, adding a layer of strategy to the role selection process.

Why You Might Enjoy San Juan:
If you’re drawn to games that blend strategy with a dash of historical flavour, San Juan is a stellar choice. The combination of role selection, strategic building, and resource management offers depth without being overwhelmingly complex.


Number of Players: 2-4

Splendor game

Gameplay Overview:
Splendor transports players to the Renaissance era, where they take on the roles of wealthy merchants.

Using chips representing gemstones, players aim to purchase development cards, which in turn can provide bonuses, points, or both. As players amass these cards, they may also attract the attention of nobles, who offer additional points.

he game has a balanced blend of short-term decisions, such as which card to purchase now, and long-term strategies, like aiming for a specific noble or card tier.

Why You Might Enjoy Splendor:
For those who favour games where every choice has weight and consequence, Splendor delivers in spades. It’s a game of calculated decisions, resource management, and strategic foresight, all packaged in an elegant and visually appealing design.

Sushi Go!

Number of Players: 2-5

Sushi Go!

Gameplay Overview:
Sushi Go! serves up a delightful card drafting and set collection experience.

Players aim to select the best combination of sushi dishes as they pass by. Each turn, players choose one card from their hand, reveal it, and then pass the rest to the next player.

Different sushi cards have different point values, and some only score if you’ve collected the most of that type. There are also dessert cards which score at the end of the game.

The challenge? Anticipating which sushi your opponents will take, and planning your choices accordingly.

Why You Might Enjoy Sushi Go!:
For those who love fast-paced games that combine strategy with a side of unpredictability, Sushi Go! is a treat. The charming artwork and swift gameplay make it perfect for both casual gaming sessions and more competitive ones.

Take 5

Number of Players: 2-10

Take 5 card game

Gameplay Overview:
Take 5, also known as “6 nimmt!”, is a card game where players strive to avoid collecting cards with bullheads, which count as negative points.

Each round, players simultaneously choose a card from their hand. These cards are then added to one of four rows in ascending order. If a player’s card is the sixth in a row, they’ll have to take all five cards already there. The game ends when all players’ cards have been played, and the one with the fewest bullheads wins.

Why You Might Enjoy Take 5:
If you enjoy card games that require a blend of strategy, prediction, and a sprinkle of luck, Take 5 will be right up your alley. With its simple rules but deep strategy, it offers an engaging challenge for players of all skill levels.

The Bottle Imp

Number of Players: 2-4

The Bottle Imp

Gameplay Overview:
Based on the short story by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Bottle Imp is a trick-taking card game with a twist.

Players aim to capture tricks, but there’s a catch. The player who takes the trick with the bottle card (the lowest card) gets the bottle, but if they can’t play a lower card later, they’re stuck with it. Holding the bottle at the end of a round scores negative points.

The game becomes a dance of risk and strategy as players try to offload the bottle without getting stuck with it at the end.

Why You Might Enjoy The Bottle Imp:
For lovers of traditional card games with a unique spin, The Bottle Imp offers a refreshing challenge. It’s a game where the balance between risk and reward is razor-thin, and decisions made early can have far-reaching consequences.

Wildlife Safari

Number of Players: 2-6

Wildlife Safari

Gameplay Overview:
Known by some as “Hatari” or “Loot”, Wildlife Safari is a card game that delves into the world of animal expeditions.

The game is filled with animal cards of varying values. On a player’s turn, they either draw a card, play a card to influence the value of an animal group, or lay down a set of animals they’ve collected.

The aim is to have the majority of a particular animal when the round ends. The twist? The value of each animal group can change based on cards played, so players must anticipate and adapt to shifting dynamics.

Why You Might Enjoy Wildlife Safari:
If you’re in the market for a game that offers a blend of collection, strategy, and a dash of unpredictability, Wildlife Safari could be a roaring success in your gaming collection. Its combination of simple mechanics with deep strategic choices ensures it remains engaging game after game.


Number of Players: 2-10

Uno card game

Gameplay Overview:
Uno is a classic card game that’s found its place in countless households for generations. The main goal? Be the first player to play all your cards.

By matching cards either by colour or number, players aim to deplete their hand. But it’s not always straightforward – special action cards like ‘Skip’, ‘Reverse’, and ‘Draw Two’ introduce exciting twists and turns. And remember, upon reaching that last card, shouting “Uno!” is a must to signal impending victory and steer clear of penalties.

Why You Might Enjoy Uno:
If quick-paced, strategic card games tickle your fancy, where every card drawn can alter the game’s trajectory, Uno could be your next favourite. As you aim to empty your hand, you’re constantly navigating challenges thrown your way by opponents’ action cards, ensuring every round remains dynamic and full of surprises.


While Phase 10 holds a special place in the hearts of many, there’s always room to discover something new.

Our list offers a diverse selection of games similar to Phase 10, each promising its own unique twist and engaging gameplay.

If you’ve found any other quick-play card games or more strategic table top experiences similar to Phase 10, then please leave a comment below to share with our readers!

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