7 Fun Bluffing Games Similar to Perudo (Liar’s Dice)

Step into the world of bluffing games, where strategy, deception, and quick thinking reign supreme. At the heart of this realm lies Perudo (Liar’s Dice), a game beloved for its clever blend of bluffing and luck.

The excitement of Perudo isn’t unique; there’s a whole genre of games that encapsulate the thrill of deception and the joy of outwitting your opponents.

From family-friendly titles to games perfect for your next adult game night, this list will guide you through some of the best bluffing games similar to Perudo that promise hours of engaging and entertaining gameplay.

1. Skull

Skull Card Game

Players: 3-6.

Description: Skull is a game of pure bluff where players use beautifully illustrated cards to deceive and outsmart their opponents. With each round full of tension and excitement, it’s a test of nerves and bluffing skills. The game’s elegant simplicity allows for quick learning but offers deep strategic play.

Recommended for: Perfect for adult gatherings and parties, Skull brings an edgy yet fun atmosphere that’s ideal for social evenings where strategy and psychology play a central role.

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2. Cockroach Poker

Cockroach Poker Cards

Players: 2-6.

Description: In Cockroach Poker, players pass cards, trying to convince others of what creature the card is while actually bluffing. The game is simple yet hilariously deceptive, often leading to laughter and playful accusations around the table. It’s a light-hearted bluffing game that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Recommended for: Family game nights or casual gatherings where fun and laughter are the main goals. It’s a fantastic choice for a relaxed, entertaining experience that appeals to all ages.

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3. Mafia de Cuba

Mafia De Cuba Board Game

Players: 6-12.

Description: Mafia de Cuba immerses players in a world of intrigue, betrayal, and deduction. Set in 1950s Cuba, players secretly choose roles as either loyal henchmen, thieves, or undercover agents. The game revolves around the godfather figuring out who has stolen his precious diamonds. It’s an engaging mix of bluffing and social deduction.

Recommended for: Ideal for large groups or parties, this game is perfect for those who love role-playing elements and enjoy the tension and excitement of bluffing in a more narrative-driven setting.

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4. The Resistance

The Resistance Board Game

Players: 5-10.

Description: The Resistance pits players against each other as members of either the resistance or spies. It’s a game of secret identities, deduction, and deception. Players must complete missions while spies within their ranks attempt to sabotage them. The game requires bluffing, strategic discussion, and keen observation to uncover the truth.

Recommended for: A fantastic choice for party settings or larger groups, especially for those who enjoy a combination of team dynamics and the psychological aspect of bluffing games.

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5. Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham Board Game

Players: 3-5.

Description: In Sheriff of Nottingham, players take turns as the Sheriff, trying to catch merchants in a bluff as they attempt to smuggle illegal goods into the market. Players must bluff or tell the truth about the contents of their bags, while the Sheriff decides whom to trust. This game combines strategy, negotiation, and the thrill of bluffing in a whimsical medieval setting.

Recommended for: Ideal for family gatherings or a casual gaming afternoon. It’s great for those who enjoy a mix of storytelling, humour, and strategic bluffing.

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6. Coup

Coup Board Game (Front and Back)

Players: 2-6.

Description: Coup is a fast-paced game of deception and manipulation set in the dystopian universe of The Resistance. Each player takes on the role of a powerful government official, seeking to outsmart their opponents and drive others into exile. With a focus on bluffing and strategic misdirection, Coup challenges players to outthink and outmanoeuvre one another in a bid for power.

Recommended for: Perfect for quick game sessions and travel, Coup is a hit at social gatherings and parties, particularly among those who enjoy games that combine strategy, psychology, and bluffing.

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7. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler Board Game

Players: 5-10.

Description: Secret Hitler is a social deduction game set in 1930s Germany. Players are secretly divided into two teams – liberals and fascists – with the fascists trying to install their secret leader while liberals work to stop them. The game involves bluffing, deception, and trying to deduce other players’ true roles. It’s known for its intense and immersive gameplay that encourages players to question alliances and strategize under pressure.

Recommended for: Ideal for adults or strategy game fans, especially those who enjoy a blend of historical themes and complex social dynamics in their gaming experiences.

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Further Recommendations

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