13 Drinking Card Games For Adults

Ready for a night of uproarious fun? Unleash the laughter and spark up the competitive spirit with these 13 drinking card games that transform a simple deck of cards into the life of your party

From the wild antics of Ring of Fire (Kings Cup) to other captivating, lesser-known gems such as Avalanche and G’day Bruce, each game is a doorway to unforgettable moments.

So, gather your crew, mix your favourite drinks, and dive into a world where cards and cheers collide!

1. Ring of Fire (King’s Cup)

Party size: Minimum of 2 players. Best enjoyed with a large group.

Ring of Fire, commonly referred to as King’s Cup, transforms a deck of cards into an evening of unpredictable fun.

Players draw cards from a circle, with each card triggering a unique action. For instance, an Ace might initiate a ‘waterfall’, compelling everyone to drink in sequence, while a Queen could designate the drawer as the ‘question master’, penalising those who respond to their queries.

The game reaches its peak with the King’s Cup – each King drawn adds to a central cup, culminating in the fourth King drawer downing the contents.

Ring of Fire is more than a drinking game; it’s a blend of strategy, spontaneity, and shared moments of amusement.

2. Irish Poker

Party size: Minimum of 2 players, ideally no more than 10.

Irish Poker is a thrilling blend of card drawing and daring drinking challenges. Players guess the characteristics of the cards they draw, such as higher or lower, red or black, with incorrect guesses leading to drinks.

The game starts with each player being dealt four cards face down. They guess aspects of each card in turn, with each round increasing in risk and potential drinking penalties.

Irish Poker is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of gambling-style excitement and are up for a game that mixes luck, intuition, and playful competitiveness.

3. President (Asshole)

Party size: 4-7 players.

President, otherwise know as “Asshole” and “Scumbag”, is an engaging social hierarchy card game that blends strategy with humorous drinking rules.

Players strive to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible, with the first to do so becoming the ‘President’ and the last, the ‘Asshole’ or ‘Scumbag’ (depending on regional variation.

The roles determine the seating arrangement and special privileges or obligations in the next round, like the ‘Asshole’ having to deal cards and fetch drinks.

The game is dynamic, often leading to light-hearted rivalry and changing social dynamics, making it a favourite at parties and social gatherings.

4. Ride the Bus

Party size: Minimum of 2 players.

Ride the Bus is a game of luck and prediction, where players face a series of challenges to avoid ‘riding the bus’.

The game involves a sequence of guessing the characteristics of cards, from higher or lower to guessing the suit.

Wrong guesses lead to drinking, and the player with the most cards at the end must ‘ride the bus’ – a final, often humorous challenge that typically involves a rapid series of drinks.

Ride the Bus is known for its simplicity, making it easy for newcomers to join in and enjoy the fun.

5. Horserace

Party size: Minimum of 2 players. Best enjoyed with a large group.

Horserace is an exhilarating card game that turns card flipping into a thrilling race.

Players bet on cards (horses) they believe will win as cards are drawn to simulate a horse race.

The game creates a racetrack with cards and as each horse’s suit is drawn, it advances, creating suspense and excitement. Bets are often in the form of drinks, and the excitement builds as each card can drastically change the standings in the race.

Horserace is perfect for those who love the excitement of betting and the unpredictability of a race.

6. Avalanche

Party size: Minimum of 4 players.

In Avalanche, players face a series of rapid-fire challenges based on the cards drawn.

The game revolves around drawing cards from the deck with each card indicating a specific action. For example, a ‘2’ might mean everyone touches their nose, with the last person to do so taking a drink.

The tension escalates when the ‘avalanche’ card appears, usually a specific card like the Queen of Hearts, which demands an immediate and fast group response, such as slapping the table. The last person to react faces a drinking penalty.

This spontaneous and high-energy game is perfect for groups looking for quick laughs and active participation.

7. Arrogance

Party size: Minimum of 3 players.

Arrogance is a unique game that blends elements of chance with bold decision-making.

Each player takes a turn to pour their drink into a communal cup while declaring a card value (e.g., King, 7, Ace). Another player then draws a card from the deck. If the drawn card matches the declared value, the player who poured must drink the entire cup; if not, the cup passes to the next player, who adds more to it. The game continues, increasing in suspense and stakes with each turn.

Arrogance is perfect for those who enjoy a gamble and the thrill of potentially high stakes.

8. Killer

Party size: Minimum of 4 players, ideally no more than 10.

Killer, also known as Assassin, is a game of stealth and cunning.

Each player draws a card, with one designated as the ‘killer’ by a specific card, like a Jack. The killer winks or uses subtle signals to ‘kill’ other players, who must discreetly acknowledge their demise. The challenge for others is to identify the killer before being ‘killed’.

This suspenseful game is less about drinking and more about social interaction and observation, making it ideal for groups that enjoy a mix of drama and intrigue in their games.

9. Three Man

Party size: Minimum of 3 players.

Three Man is a unique blend of dice and card-based challenges, making it an unpredictable and exciting drinking game.

A player is designated as the ‘Three Man’, and they must drink whenever a three is rolled.

Players take turns rolling dice and drawing cards, with each combination resulting in different drinking actions or rules.

The game is known for its spontaneity and varied pace, ensuring that every round offers something new and amusing.

10. Pyramid

Party size: 3-10 players.

Pyramid is a card game that involves a good deal of strategy and foresight.

Cards are arranged in a pyramid shape, and each player has a hand of cards.

Players take turns drawing from the pyramid, and if another player has a matching card, they can order them to drink. However, bluffing is allowed, adding an element of deceit.

The game becomes more intense as the pyramid dwindles, leading to higher stakes and more drinks.

Pyramid is perfect for groups who enjoy a mix of strategy, luck, and bluffing.

11. Up and Down the River

Party size: 4-10 players.

Up and Down the River is a card game where players face escalating drinking challenges based on the turn of the cards.

The game starts with players being dealt a set number of cards. As cards are drawn from the deck, players who hold matching cards must take drinks, with the number of drinks often increasing as the game progresses (‘up the river’), then decreasing (‘down the river’).

This game is a blend of luck and suspense, great for those who enjoy a straightforward yet engaging drinking game experience.

12. G’day Bruce

Party size: 3-6 players.

G’day Bruce is a memory-based card game filled with laughter and quirky challenges.

Each player is assigned a humorous animal name, like ‘Kangaroo Kevin’ or ‘Wombat Wendy’, which others must use when addressing them.

The game involves drawing cards that might prompt actions like ‘Kangaroo Kevin’ mimicking a kangaroo hop or ‘Wombat Wendy’ spinning in a circle. Forgetting to use these animal names or failing a card challenge results in drinking penalties.

Perfect for those who enjoy a combination of memory skills, playful antics, and light-hearted drinking fun.

13. Drunk Quest

Party size: 3-6 players.

In Drunk Quest, players dive into a fantasy world, choosing characters like the ‘Alechemist’ or ‘Brewbarian’, each with special abilities.

Gameplay involves drawing monster cards, such as the ‘Boozegoblin’ or ‘Tipsy Troll’, and ‘defeating’ them by completing specific drinking challenges associated with each monster.

Players can also use action cards like ‘Mead Shield’ to protect themselves or ‘Sudden Hangover’ to challenge opponents.

This blend of strategy and fantasy-themed drinking tasks creates an immersive and entertaining experience, ideal for those who enjoy a mix of imaginative role-playing with their card and drinking games.


With this diverse selection of drinking card games, from the adventurous Drunk Quest to the classic Ring of Fire, you’re set for a night of endless fun and camaraderie.

Each game brings its unique flair, whether it’s through fantasy-themed challenges, strategic gameplay, or hilarious social interactions. So, choose your game, gather your friends, and prepare for an unforgettable evening.

Remember to enjoy these games responsibly and ensure everyone has a great time!

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